A Tesla Roadster EV appears in "Dallas" TV on TNT
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Thread: A Tesla Roadster EV appears in "Dallas" TV on TNT

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    Cool A Tesla Roadster EV appears in "Dallas" TV on TNT

    Last night TNT presented the two hour pilot of the new version of "Dallas". One of the new characters, Chris Ewing, is against the Ewing tradition of oil drilling, and works with alternate energy. At the end of the pilot, he drives out of the famous Southfork ranch in a black Tesla Roadster, and made little noise.

    It may be the type of EV recognition that Tesla needs, probably to sponsor the show every week, then present the new S and X series.

    I wish Tesla new sales, since we need more EVs in America, especially in oil-rich Texas!
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    It was a beautiful car... And an awesome show!

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    It looks like we should see a Volt in the show as well:


    ..."Both sides are equally represented," says executive producer and show runner Cynthia Cidre, who has done "an awful lot of research" about the energy business. You'll also see Christopher driving an electric Tesla Roadster (executive producer Michael Robin's car, shipped in because one couldn't be sourced locally in Dallas) and his fiancée Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) behind the wheel of a plug-in Chevy Volt....
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