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Thread: going to 240V charging station

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    Default going to 240V charging station

    I have decided to go ahead and purchase the 240v charging station for my 2014 Volt. With the 2014 I have to select the level of 12amps every evening on the 120v charging system in order to be able to obtain the maximum amount of charge by morning. It defaults to 8amps and GM cannot change it on my car. This is the second Volt I have owned. The dealership stated to me that I will need to bring the car in for some programming when the new charger arrives. Can't I just plug the charger in after my electrician installs the station? Will I still be able to use my 120v charger at a friends house? - why does the dealership need to program my software?". I would appreciate any comments.

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    I have no idea what 'programming a different charger' entails. A Volt can use a public charger without any modification to the car's programming, right?

    I'm thinking that 'programming the different charger' is a way to line the dealer's pockets with free money.
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    No. Nothing needs to be updated. Just plug it in. And you can still use your 110 EVSE. You can charge with the 240V EVSE one day and 110V the next day. Car wont care

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    Don't listen to those clowns at the dealership. It works as-is.

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    I bought a MY14 about 2 weeks ago. Just got my clipper creek 240V charger on Monday. It works perfectly. No need to take the car in unless they have some other update to do.

    PS, I agree that changing the charging rate is a Pain in the backside. The 240 V charger will be much appreciated.

    - No more changing levels
    - Faster charging
    - Precondition the car on cold days (remote start) without tapping into battery reserve

    The 240V charger is a nice upgrade to the car.

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