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Thread: Volt price wiggle room ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorsaTurboC View Post
    Costco is excellent. No haggle, great price. It is worth the membership fee for that alone.
    The last two cars I bought (including my recent Volt purchase), I started with the Costco offer, then haggled down from there a little.

    It helps to buy at the end of the month, even more at the end of a quarter. They are very motivated to meet sales quotas and will try hard to make a sale.
    2012 Viridian Joule, March 29, 2012

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    Bought mine today, Asking price $45170, negotiated price $43648. I was trading in, so they really didn't want to lower the vehicle price any more, but I did get NADA trade-in value. The dealer I went to yesterday wasn't giving squat for trade in.

    I'm pretty upset at GM's so-called military discount, which is useless. Doesn't apply to Volts, plus even if it did, if they mark down off MSRP at all, that's voids any mil discount. When I bought my Jeep, after all the numbers were final, they gave me an additional $500 off, no questions asked. GM's is smoke and mirrors. What a bunch of BS when they say their mil doscount is the best of all manufacturers.

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