Battery enhancement takes 2 visits?
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Thread: Battery enhancement takes 2 visits?

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    My Volt has just been built and is awaiting shipment from Hamtramck. I am assuming (?) all the customer satisfaction issues were dealt with at the factory.

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    For new builds, yes. I also have to believe (don't know for sure) that the new EVSE is included in new builds. It makes it much easier on folks buying fresh buillds than ones sitting on the lot for the last 6 months without the fixes done to them.

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    BTW, the heavier gauge wire from the wall plug to the new charge unit is definitely cooler than before. Both the wall plug and the short wire leading from it to the unit are just warm to the touch rather than hot. The unit itself seems just as warm as before but I keep it suspended a couple inches away from the wall so I've never been concerned about that.
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    There was not mention of inspection when I had mine done. I actually had my car back the same day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeH View Post
    So question related to this: is it reasonable to assume that these fixes have been done on unsold Volts already?
    I've been wondering that too. I bought my Volt 4/15/12. When I went in for the new power cord, I asked the service department to check my VIN to determine if my battery enhancement has already been done. They said it had...but I'm thinking, "trust, but verify."

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    I know at the dealer I work for I made sure the recalls were performed on in stock units before customer cars. Seems foolish to make a customer bring a new vehicle back shortly after purchase for service work.

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