Electric bill???? How Much???
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Thread: Electric bill???? How Much???

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    Default Figuring out worst case electric bill increase

    According to my Columb CT500 EVSE I have used 200 kWh AC from 4-11 to 5/5. My total electricity rate 14.5/kWh. So my increase in electricity cost is 200*0.145 or $29. Over the last 30 days myvolt.com says that went 746 electric miles in the last 30 days.

    If you only charge at home once per day you can estimate what the volt will add to your bill pretty easily. Its simply be kWh to charge an empty battery * 30 * cost/kWh. The total kWh of AC needed to charge from empty is either 13kWh for the included 110 EVSE or 12kWh for an extra cost 220 EVSE.

    So in my case my max electricity bill cost increase would be 12kWh/day * 30 days/month * $0.145/kWh = $52.2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mybatcar View Post
    My cost is negligible . I use 120v charge chord at home, meaning it would be almost impossible to fully charge the 10 hours duration more than once a day. 30 days of full charges at 90 cents per charge could only hit 27 dollars. Since most of my charges are partial, somewhere between 1/4 to 1/2, you can see how the cost is very low and I have offset much of that by replacing all the home bulbs with CF's. I also grab a few battery miles from free public chargers during my local travels. Owning the Volt has made me very energy consumption concious and I have implemented other energy saving techniques as well as the CF bulb replacement, decreased use of Air Cond and pool pump, etc.
    With CFL's less AC & pool pump are your elec bills smaller than before even with the Volt, or is the hot weather pushing up your bill?

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    My first months costs for electricity at .11 cents /kWh was about $20, also used about 2.6 gallons of gas. Saved about $100 that would have been used for gas in the old car. Net savings around $70. Even using gasoline saves over the old Saturn that got about 28 mpg. I'm loving it.
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    you do not want to see my bill after using volt for 20 days my bill was whopping $9.93

    But I have 6.2kw solar panel and last month was a great month for solar power generation way to go solar, viva sunpower
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffhre View Post
    With CFL's less AC & pool pump are your elec bills smaller than before even with the Volt, or is the hot weather pushing up your bill?
    My bills are at their lowest, ever....conservation by upping the thermostat in the warm weather , reducing the pool pump by one hour a day ( saving 30 hours a month of high draw power ) and my youngest son moved out last year, one less TV, one less computer, one less hot shower...etc. My highest bill last year in late summer using AC, Volt always plugged in, 4 bdr house , was $137.00 , the lowest this winter was $56 and change! As much as I would like solar, it just wouldn't pay with these low bills. I wonder just how low it could go using LED lighting ??
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    Default Agree with ChuckB

    Our Volt is used for daily commuting. In general our monthly electric bill has gone up by about $35 while our gasoline expense has dropped by over $150.

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