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Thread: Warning

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    Default Warning

    I had my Volt in the shop for the airbag inspection and they gave me a Chevy Malibu overnight. I haven't driven a gas vehicle in over three years! (Converted a Chevy S10 to electric) Driving the Malibu was actually scary. I felt the engine vibrating, sounded like it was going to die even though nothing was wrong, and it cost me $8.24 in gas to drive what would have cost me pennies in my Volt.

    I could've used a warning that not driving the Volt would result in creating of poisonous gasses, empty wallet, and not to worry so much about the hundreds of noisey, vibrating moving mechanical parts required to keep a gasoline vehicle running.

    Seriously though, it was a weird feeling being behind the wheel of a gas vehicle! Thanks for that Chevy!

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    They loaned me an Impala. It was a nightmare.
    Was sooooo happy the day I got our Volt back

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    I know what you mean. It's weird going back, for sure. I have a VW Eos convertible that I loved - I didn't trade it in when I bought the Volt, but I'm thinking I may have to sell it - as much as I liked having the convertible, I'm just enjoying the Volt that much more.

    It'd be nice if someone would offer an electric/EREV convertible... I suppose I could buy a C4 corvette and try to convert it, but converting has all those places to go wrong, and the result is usually not nearly as polished as my Volt.
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    During the Volt upgrade my dealer loaned me an older Equinox. OMG, it felt like an 18-wheeler compared to the Volt! (That said, the new Equinox's really are nice.)

    I could not have been happier to get my Volt back.

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    I guess the best part of your story is you converted a Chevy S-10 to electric, what's the starting point, details Please!

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    Here is a nice write up that speaks to the weird sensation when going back to ICE:

    Electric Cars' Secret Advantage: They're Just Nicer To Drive

    here are the reasons that electric cars have a secret advantage:
    • Tons of torque: Electric motors develop their peak torque (or "turning force") from 0 rpm, meaning that the cars they propel tend to have great acceleration from a stop.
    • Sounds of silence: When electric-car makers suppress or silence the motor whine, electric cars are remarkably quiet--so much so, regulations will require them to emit noise at low speeds.
    • Smooth, calm, vibration-free travel: A reciprocating gasoline engine vibrates constantly, changing as it revs up and slows down; transmissions make their own noises as they match a narrow band of engine speed to road speed over four to nine different ratios. Electric cars don't need any of that.

    Anyone who spends a day in an electric car, then returns to one with a combustion engine, will suddenly become aware of all kinds of noises and vibrations we've trained ourselves to ignore as part of normal driving.
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