Disable traction control for use on a dyno...?
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Thread: Disable traction control for use on a dyno...?

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    Default Disable traction control for use on a dyno...?


    Can anyone out there tell me how to get a Volt into a mode where we can use it on a dynamometer? We'll need to disable the traction control, which we'd normally do by removing the fuse, but the Volt we're working on won't drive without it!

    Any suggestions appreciated. I'm working with one of the very few Volts in Europe, so local advice hard to come by.

    Many thanks,


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    I guess you have a 2011 model? With the 2012 model, you will see a button to disable it above your head in the dome light button area. I dont believe 2011 models could do this, but I could be wrong.
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    You're right. No way to disable traction control on the 2011 MY units, like the one I have.

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    On a less sophisticated vehicle, I'd suggest that unplugging one of the wheel sensor would disable the TC (as well as the ABS). The fault light should activate on the dash upon starting the vehicle. However, I have no idea what that would do to a Volt since wheel speed is probably used to control the drive mechanism. Maybe the vehicle would go into a "limp mode" and corrupt your dyno test?
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