51+ Miles AER at 65 mph on the freeway
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Thread: 51+ Miles AER at 65 mph on the freeway

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    Cool 51+ Miles AER at 65 mph on the freeway

    I had to go to my nephew's wedding and I found an evse 1 mile from the reception. I made it to the evse with 2 miles remaining, now if I had a faster charger I could do it all on battery. go

    Sorry I was on my phone last night or I would have provided more details. Temps 80's, AC on Eco set to 72~73. Terrain, semi flat with one big hill and lots of rolling.Elevation ~4400 Feet. I was worried I would not make the EVSE since there was a slight rise near the end, and I know when the Volt gets low it switches early. The EVSE was a 6.6 KW unit so If I had a bigger charger I could have avoided the .99 Gallons of gas. Still I managed 154 MPG for the day but I lost one lifetime, down from 211 to 210. I was watching the torque Pro the whole way, very interesting, I gamed it coming back using hold like Mountain mode when the battery built up more charge I cycled through normal to hold(I held @ 6 miles), to gain more battery. Not as efficient but I managed to drive the last 10 miles on battery. I used Torque Pro to make sure I had 100% battery before I left (I unplugged early).
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    Default 6.6 kW OBC Gen-2

    Quote Originally Posted by markh21518 View Post
    I had to go to my nephew's wedding and I found an evse 1 mile from the reception. I made it to the evse with 2 miles remaining, now if I had a faster charger I could do it all on battery. go
    Hence my insistence on minimum 6.6kW on-board charger for 2016 Gen-2 Volt.

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    That was great! You got about five miles per kWh, which is excellent (most Volt owners average about four miles per kWh). I expect GM to produce a better AC motor with up to seven miles per kWh , so the next BEv will carry a 30 kWH battery and reach the magical 200 mile EV range.

    BTW, even if the Volt had a 6.6 kW charger, the EVSE will still have a supply limit, and your Volt wouldn't change faster. I expect to see in the near future some OEM or aftermarket business to sell an upgraded charger (maybe a 6.6 kW unit) for the Volt.
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    Slow charging made me use the gas genset this week, as well. 25 miles in the morning, took a break at the Mosaic where we could plug in and eat a great lunch at 4 Sisters. I got 9 more miles of AER in almost an hour. Then I drove 29 more miles and the last 2 were using gas. It isn't a big deal, but I wouldn't have needed the gas if the pack charged at a 6.6 kW rate.

    I have seen electric car geeks say that upgrading from 3.3 to 6.6 kW charging would only cost GM $300-$400, but I don't know if that is true. If it is, and if the markup by GM was only $100 of profit, I would definitely like to pay for a faster charging option. If they charged $1,000, I am not sure if I would bite. It would be a nice option to be able to choose, though. And 10 kW charge rates like the RAV-4EV would be even better.

    It isn't like the Volt NEEDS faster charging, but it doesn't NEED more AER or roomier backseats, either. But having those 3 upgrades would make the Volt a much better car.

    On Edit: I guess my wish list for the Gen II Volt is, in order of importance:

    1) Lower MSRP
    2) Roomier backseats
    3) More AER [45 miles would be outstanding]
    4) Faster charge rate
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