GM Manual with all DTC/Trouble codes for the Volt.
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Thread: GM Manual with all DTC/Trouble codes for the Volt.

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    Default GM Manual with all DTC/Trouble codes for the Volt.
    has all the Mode-6 (trouble codes) data about the Volt.
    Its clear they have a lot of trouble codes, so if you get an MIL, and get the numbers from onstar or an OBDII device you can at least look them up. Maybe I'll convert the DTC into codes for the torque andriod app.

    Also some interesting tidbits about battery and other elements at the very end.

    (Note I realize this is a repost of material in another thread, but that was on software.. I realized it may be more helpful in this forum subtopic too).
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    Thanks for the link. One wonders why, with two color screens right in the car - they don't just put them up without you having to do OBD II or call onstar. That's just lame in my view. I'd have done it as a programmer for my own debugging! You know, trip A, trip B, oil life, tire pressure, TROUBLE CODES IN PLAINTEXT, Nav, and so on - just another menu entry.

    Oh no, hold it close to the chest, it's MINE - it's eye-pee! They seem to forget that after writing a 40k plus check, I think I own the doggone car.

    Of course, such a feature wouldn't have seen any use from me yet - no troubles so far.
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    Yes thanks for the cite. I agree with DCFusor that it's lame that you can't call up the codes. I'd add that you should get the codes AND the explanation.

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    I am reminded of the early days of the 128K Mac and the the error codes. There was a short list of some DS codes.
    If anyone asked they were told they were deep- spaghetti errors.

    Thanks for the link- Have them now in ibook format in my pocket with the other Volt manuals and documentation .
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    Am I a bad person for having read through all of these codes? haha #nerd

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    Thanks for posting that manual. It tells a lot about the software controls. Too bad I'm not a hacker.

    BTW, I agree with the above posts on displaying codes on the console in real time. I'd love to tell the technician exactly what I was doing when a code was thrown.

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    We got a bunch of codes after the ICE ran for the first time since we bought our 2011 Volt 2 weeks ago.

    They all seem to be related to the evaporative emissions system. Haven't had it back to the dealer yet.
    Looking for get a better understanding of what the problem might be for when we take it in.


    I searched the manual and found all the codes there except B2AAA.

    I'm using the OBDLink MX Bluetooth scan tool and Torque app on android.

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