Hi All,

I got my HSBC GM Card a few months back. For the first time, I noted a charge for $11.73 for "PERS ACCT PROT - ELITE 800-598-3554." Gotta say, I didn't have a clue what this was until I called over to India to find out I apparently authorized HSBC to just take money from me. I don't recall ever agreeing or opting for this charge. I'm sure in the boilerplate language probably "authorized" this, but apparnelty it's for protection if I end up disabled or dead. This irritated me and I was pretty short with the lady at the other end of the phone. I'm not sure they will take it off and they're sending it to HSBC's "research department." I'm a little irked at GM for partnering with a company that would treat their future customers with such distain. Again, it could be my fault...but not knowingly. I wacked a local credit union for just this same activitiy in a class action lawsuit of selling "insurance" in vehicle lease and financing. It was a scam that hit about 330 class members. Anyone else experience this, or is it my lack of reading? Come on GM!