Why Media Frenzy on Two Tragic Accidents With 150,000+ Car Fires, Annualy, USA
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Thread: Why Media Frenzy on Two Tragic Accidents With 150,000+ Car Fires, Annualy, USA

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    Post Why Media Frenzy on Two Tragic Accidents With 150,000+ Car Fires, Annualy, USA

    With the media frenzy rolling due to tragic accidents involving the Tesla Model S vehicles, including the featured story today, reading the comments, I'm surprised that no one yet has brought this up.

    The 24 hour period that sorrounded these 2 sad events included another average 15 car fires, PER HOUR, in the USA!

    Over 150, 000 car fires occure in the United States annually with over 400 deaths!

    Link Goes To The National Fire Prevention Association Web Site-


    Meanwhile, thieves stole a BMW in San Fransisco, high speed chase. The car caught fire on impact resulting in the imediate deaths of its occupants.

    Had to dig deep to even find this story while the Telsa Motors stories are being blasted everywhere.

    Link Goes To Google News-



    It was just 7 months ago that the late veteran actor and star of the Fast and Furiouse franchise, Paul Walker lost his life in a car fire in a Porsche. This genererated extensive media and intense cyber activity.

    Most of the reporting and publishing, adressed the man and not the automibile that burst into flames on impact.

    Link Goes to Breaking News: Paul Walker Dead at 40: ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Killed In Fiery Car Crash”


    If someone can tell me why the media has such a field day when tragic events happen to the vehicles of the surging Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry, I am all ears.

    Tell me why 2 accidents, out of an annual 150,000 car fires with death rate all this attention, speculation, comment, rable rouse while 12,000+ average monthy mortal car fires, USA, only show up on the radar of the local papers and websites.


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    Because it is tied to TSLA stock activity

    Paul in VT

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    The Media has done a good job confusing and misleading people.

    Yesterday , a guy asked me about my Volt . He said his big concern is that he heard it would lose power if it crashed .

    I asked him : "Don't most cars lose power when they crash ? He also didn't know the Volt ran on electricity .
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