Spokesperson For Volt/Recurring Commercials
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Thread: Spokesperson For Volt/Recurring Commercials

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    Default Spokesperson For Volt/Recurring Commercials

    We need a recurring line of commercials having a significant person representing the Volt. In a light and fun mode, I vote for the cast of "The Big Bang Theory", taking an advanced high level of technology and making it fun for the general public.

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    How about Jay Leno? He is an excellent spokesperson, and a dedicated Volt owner and user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymondjram View Post
    How about Jay Leno? He is an excellent spokesperson, and a dedicated Volt owner and user.
    Not that dedicated to his Volt anymore, he's had a few "half cold" remarks about it after he took it home to his massive garage. He's all giggly about the upcoming Jag C-X75 ...he got his test drive a few months back and found out it's going into production and has one on order (with his bucks and cars available to him, the Volt is a joke).

    I vote for George Clooney he's got American and sole wrote all over his face and voice and he's quite influential
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    Those guys would cost a fortune, if they would even take on a commercial job endorsing a particular product . However, I offer my services to GM advertising as an "actual owner" AND one who has several dozen commercials and infomercials under his belt. And I would do it with the enthusiasm of a happy owner for normal SAG rate ( my agent would probably agree ).
    How about it GM...an owner AND experienced commercial actor here willing to pitch the VOLT !
    Have your people contact my people..........( just had to say that )
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    Isn't GM already paying big bucks for Tim Allen's voicework in their ad campaign for the last year or so?


    “Tim Allen brings the right combination of a recognizable voice with the credibility, likeability and humor that will connect with viewers,” said Joel Ewanick, vice president, U.S. marketing, General Motors. “His passion for all things cars makes him the perfect match for the Chevrolet brand.”

    Allen is best known for his work in television’s “Home Improvement” and movies including the “Toy Story” trilogy, as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, and “The Santa Clause” franchise. He is a native of the Detroit area and has a long-standing love affair with automobiles.

    Allen has an extensive car collection, including personally designed versions of a 1996 Chevrolet LT5 Impala SS, a 2000 Cadillac DeVille DTSi.

    “Everyone knows Tim Allen is a ‘car guy’ with Michigan roots,” said Debbie Crispin, owner, Bill Crispin Chevrolet of Saline, Mich. “What a great voice for Chevrolet.”
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    Big names aren't the answer. You never see Tim Allen nor is he identified by name, I hope they're not paying him a fortune for a job that could be done as well or even better with a good, no-name voice.

    Fiat hired Jennifer Lopez to help draw attention to their ads, Fiat sales continued to flounder.

    IMO all the Volt ad campaign needs is a nice, solid, honest sounding voiceover and decent looking 35-45 year old actors, with real owner testimonials sprinkled in when appropriate. Let the car be the star.

    By the way, I don't think Toyota has ever used big names to sell the Prius. Instead, they use uplifting music, lots of activity and movement, but it's always the car which occupies the spotlight.

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    if they are intent on doing voice only then it needs to be someone that has a voice like James earl Jones. Morgan freeman, Clint Eastwood, Tom hanks, Al Pacino, Samuel L Jackson and so on, GET it?? RECOGNIZABLE... No-one has a 'scooby doo' what Tim Allen sounds like.
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