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Thread: Newbie checking in to say "Hi"

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    Welcome. Congratulations. Enjoy!

    I have 2 Corvette vintage race cars which I basically reserve for track use. I find it to be just too frustrating to drive high performance sports cars on the street. Having the Volt has created a whole new game of trying to be as efficient as possible in energy use and, most importantly, trying to buy gas as infrequently as possible. I last filled up on Christmas Eve and I am down to about 5/8 of a tank, LOL. So I'm starting to get really anxious about possibly having to fill up again before January is over.
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    Your gong to love it. My wife has crossed 4K miles on 2 gallons of gas, doing short trips mostly.
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    The great thing about the Volt is that you can drive it anyway you like. Previously, for the past two months I was using Normal and L only. But for the past few days, I have been using sport mode and wow what a difference. There are times when you're feeling naughty and slam on the accelerator, it's fun!
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    Almost identical situation here, except my tradein was a super tuned 2010 Camaro SS with a 3 digit build number. Friends shocked!
    But not for long - when they got a ride in the Volt they "got it".

    The other posters saying don't be a total eco-weenie I agree with. Sure, it's fun to hyper-mile some - but really, going down a straightaway at 35 in cruise control I'd normally drive at 65 or 70 right up to the hairpin at the end (sport+L is THE WAY)? Nah, the car has too much fun built in to neglect that aspect totally.

    And in most cases, I either have range to spare, or no way I'm making it home without gas anyway, so it's kind of moot either way.
    So, after I proved I can get 42 miles all electric, babying the car (thank heavens for no tailgaters that day) - OK, I proved it, now for the fun!
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    Definitely get a 240v charging station. You'll do a lot more shorter trips on electric with it. You can even still get free ones from SPX Solutions. Check out their webpage I haven't gotten mine done yet but I had them graciously come out for a survey to hash over some install ideas and it should be getting scheduled shortly.

    Dang ! A possible freebie already ! My zip says Coulomb (Chargepoint™): YES
    ECOtality (Blink):no

    not sure what that means, but I d/l the app and will submit it. Thanks for the tip !

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    Congrats!! Welcome.

    Definitely a change of pace from your Corvette, but there's something to be said for the ultimate Zen driving experience.

    It doesn't look like anyone's pointed out to you yet. It's a community project, one of our members designed it to use Onstar to automatically track mileage and efficiency. Right now there almost 400 cars and over 2 million miles on it, and we encourage participation. It's our best answer to the Volt nay-sayers, proof that the car is doing exactly what GM said it would.

    (I'm still recovering from several long road trips over the holidays - I'm only 46% electric at this point and climbing back through 70 MPG lifetime.)
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