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Thread: Guinness World Record?

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    Thumbs up Guinness World Record?

    Hi All, it happened yesterday and i was there!
    Guinness World Record Officials counted 431 electric cars on île Sainte-Hélène on this cloudy Easter Friday!
    I met some good people there, smiles all over the place and even a guy with an electric pick-up and boat, a Fisker Karma, many Teslas, Leafs, 2 or 3 ELRs and over 200 Volts
    Here are the pics and videos of people that posted them on



    Nice video of the event from Alexis (you can see me getting in my Blue Volt with my 2 canes at 3:21, i did not know i was filmed, otherwise, i would have stood up and smiled, darn!)

    The event is till going on today for people who want to try all the EVs
    2011 - January 5, 2K deposit
    2011 - October 5th, official order of a blue VoltHidden Content
    2011 - November, Order Accepted by GM
    2011 - December, VA says Volt to be built in the week of 16, Jan.
    2012 - Feb 17th, VA says Buzz's birthday is Feb 9th.Hidden Content
    2012 - March 8, C 14485, Buzz is home.
    2014 - May 15, Buzz goes Plugless.
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    Wow! That was wonderful! Do it again on the U.S. side with more vehicles. Maybe you can gather over 1,000 EVs! If you need to get funding, most forum members will donate, and even many will participate.

    BTW, at 1:24 a green Chevy Spark EV appears!
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    That was AWSOME.. I was there yesterday with my 2014 Volt, my 2012 Zero S motorcycle and a 2011 Zero XU. It was like unreal to see so much Volt and Tesla at the same place all aligned side by side in that big parking lot!!!

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    We really need to this in the USA somewhere too. Not to take anything away from Canada...

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    well saw that you from Florida next year come to the national plug in day i will be there

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