Volt vs. Prius - A Volt Newbie's Take
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Thread: Volt vs. Prius - A Volt Newbie's Take

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    Default Volt vs. Prius - A Volt Newbie's Take

    After two years in a Plug-in Prius, I got tired of compulsively managing its 11 miles of EV range and bought a new 2014 Volt.

    Naturally, I've spend the following two weeks compulsively comparing the vehicles 1. My conclusions:
    • The Plug-in Prius is a far better vehicle.
    • The Volt is a far better electric vehicle.
    • The Volt is a neater toy.
    My detailed comparison table is in this link. I'll update it as people point out my errors (or at least the ones I agree are errors ).

    Be gentle.

    Update a year later: Having driven the Volt for a year now, I can't believe I ever thought the Prius was better. It is roomier, has better fit and finish, and better visibility front and side. Other than that, the Volt has it beat every way. We still own both cars and I hate it when I have to drive the Prius.

    1 And enjoying the heck out of my Volt!
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    The pip isn't for everyone and neither is the Volt. But for me, i'll never go pip (to much work to be pure EV). Glad to have you and your opinions on board. Enjoy 40 miles of care-free EV.

    Toolworker can you help me out in one area please? I have never seen a comparison of Volt and PIP handling, ride comfort or just general enjoyment of driving with the PIP even close to the Volt much less winning. Can you provide a Edmunds, Consumer Reports or like article or review with that information? I really don't care because it is only what my opinion is that matters to me, but, again, like I said, I've never seen one.

    Sorry, one more thing Toolworker...I asked my kids (16 and 19 -- 19 is home from college) if they prefer the old Prius or any car back seats to the Volt. They like the 2 individual seats configuration. It's a lot better ride and comfortable when cornering and stuff, they prefer it. I wonder if it is a hold over from the younger days of "my side, your side."

    Dang it, they just keep on coming to me. OnStar. Can you when driving work the navigation? Can your passenger? I know the answer in my Prius was "No." But I can press a button and a very good OnStar representative will ask to help me. I can say, where's is the closet McDonalds, or is there a Chevy dealership OPEN nearby (they will check this kind of stuff), or can you send to my car the directions to Lucy and Ricky Dance Studio in Somewhere, USA. They look it up and send to my car the directions. I do love it and I really needed it once and it was fantastic.

    Here is another OnStar If you have the bad luck of someone stealing your Volt OnStar will notify the Police, find the car, tell the police where it is and when they follow the thieves OnStar will power the car down safely and lock the doors.

    American made, by an American company supporting American workers -- Can't put points to that, "priceless."

    Face it. The Volt is a lot better looking...the Prius is a substitute for birth-control.

    Volt Advisor. Many issues can be resolved easily with your dealership. When in doubt about something, you can depend on a knowledgable "Volt Advisor" to be an ombudsman on your behalf.

    Oh snap, i forgot.... I like the Volt more.

    I like this post, it is reminding me of how good a decision the Volt is.
    Last edited by 0to60n8; 03-23-2014 at 07:52 PM. Reason: The handling struck me as an odd statement

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    To unlock all the doors with the Volt's keyless entry, I usually just press a button on any of the passenger doors. On those, one button press unlocks all doors.
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    You can turn off the Volt without shifting to park.
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    If PiP only charges at 12A on 120V, that would be a negative from my perspective. On some circuits it 8A is good to avoid tripping breakers.

    Default to 8A in the Volt is a big negative if you charge on 120V every day. In my opinion, it's not a bad thing if 120V is only done when traveling.
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    For me, the 11 miles of range for the Plug-in Prius is the killer. My weekday commute is 50 miles round trip. Of plug-in hybrids, the Volt is still the king of EV range. If I could afford a Tesla, I'd go get one, but the price is just a little more than I really want to spend on one car.

    I have yet to pay more than $23K on any vehicle and I hope to continue this streak as long as possible.
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    How about updating us in 6 months or so to see if there's any changes in your impressions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClarksonCote View Post
    To unlock all the doors with the Volt's keyless entry, I usually just press a button on any of the passenger doors. On those, one button press unlocks all doors.
    I believe this requires a "passive locking" configuration selection but it's easy enough to set.

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    I keep seeing 11 miles, if you are careful and slow, but I found this recently: Official EPA figures state an 11-mile "blended" electric range (mostly electric, but some combustion power) and six miles all-electric.

    And as for your 'Handling' what metric did you use?
    I came from a '10 Prius that I added the TRD rear anti-sway bar and 17" wheels and sticky summer tires.
    I claim there is no comparison.
    The Volt is much better handling and more comfortable. I'm not sure how those two can work together.
    Of course I'm running my tires at a higher than stock pressure.
    A simple phone app could measure lateral G's. But anyone could see and feel the listing at sea feel of a Prius being pushed.

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    The EPA rated all electric rated range of the PIP is 6 miles, not 11. You have to look closely at the sticker. The 11 mile rating involves using gas. Common error people make. Surprising a PIP owner wouldn't know that.

    This video clearly shows the sticker and explains it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cetRkwUg7Q8

    Last edited by MrEnergyCzar; 03-23-2014 at 07:27 PM.
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