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Thread: GM Card Points for VOLT?

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    Default GM Card Points for VOLT?

    Will I ever be able to use my accumulated GM Card points to help buy a Volt? That is why I switched over to a GM credit card 4 years ago.

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    You can use $1000 right now. I hope they open it up to 1500 or 2000 in the spring.

    Call their contact number and talk to an earnings person on their end before visiting the dealership. People are using their GM Card earnings right now. The web site is poorly maintained and doesn't show 2012 units (it used to...) and before it got bad, we used to see the 2012 Volt available for $1000.

    Ok - found it.
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    Not that it applies to Kenc49 since he got his card 4 years ago, but for those of us with the original program card ($500/yr over 7 rolling years, with the right timing the max you can apply to a car is 8* 500 = $4,000) you can use your entire amount you've saved up in points. I used a little over $3700 on my purchase in October. You have to apply it to a 2012 MY car, not a 2011 (not that that is really an option any more).

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    I used my points when I bought my car back in October.

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    Accumulated my points for 10 years since I last purchased a Blazer, but couldn't use any for my Volt that arrived in April 2011.
    Needless to say that card has been lying in a drawer ever since.
    GM Credit card sent me a note asking why I wasn't using the card anymore?
    Well, here is the reason. Other companyings are sharing the profit when I use their card (and they didn't take $4000 that was promised...yes, I realize there is that small print).

    My advice get a cash back card (it will be less back per year, but it will be there for whatever, whenever you want it).

    Hope your GM Card works for you!
    Hal in Houston

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenc49 View Post
    Will I ever be able to use my accumulated GM Card points to help buy a Volt? That is why I switched over to a GM credit card 4 years ago.
    Not if you're in Canada, I would have liked to use my points, but I was told the GM vehicle was not admissible to the GM points program... not too happy about that part of my prurchase, even if 500$...
    Now I have points I can't use... thinking of cancelling the card altogheter.

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