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  • 3 Days Ago 03:33 PM
    When I started this poll two years ago I was already certain the result would be as it turned out to be.

    In a nutshell though, most Volt owners are men. Their desire for the latest and coolest tech toy out weights any normal partisan leaning they have.

    Look at it this way; if it had been known that Bush admired the Volt in the same manner as Obama and, if Bush were the President that is credited for pushing the Volt (in as much as a POTUS can push a technology along) as Obama is now, I would still have bought my Volt.

    Why ? Its so technologically advanced and its a real cool tech toy.
  • 3 Days Ago 02:30 PM
    With the number of climate change denying Republican candidates(or their supporters), it would be all to easy to assume Democrats buy more of these.

    You'd never catch me posting a poll like this though. There is too much hatred in politics today, with never ending campaigning.
  • 3 Days Ago 02:17 PM
    When viewing the poll results, I am amazed at how close the numbers are for each category. How is that even remotely possible?
  • 1 Week Ago 10:57 AM
    I am so shallow compared to you.

    First, I bought the Volt because from the multiple test drives I did I concluded it was a very, very high quality car.

    After that I simply could not afford to not buy a Volt. The discounts were massive:

    - $4000 cash back from the State of Illinois.
    - $2200 cash State rebate from the tax I previously paid to buy the car I traded in.
    - $5000 I recon I got by financing the entire car at 0% for 6 years. The $18000 trade in came in a check we deposited in the bank so I financed every penny I could.
    - $5000 dealer and GM rebates.
    - $7500 IRS credit.
    - Free charging cost for the first 1 1/2 years since Chicago parking garages have free charging so I charged free at work.
  • 1 Week Ago 10:10 AM
    I'm an unaffiliated voter. I don't want to be lumped in with either party. I usually tend to be more conservative fiscally, and more liberal socially, but I make my own informed decisions and try not to listen to talking heads.

    I bought the Volt primarily because it makes sense for me financially (projected savings on gasoline > $2500 annually based on how I use the vehicle), and because it's a step in the right direction ecologically. Let me interject that if I could own a Tesla right now, I would.

    If my politically astute friends poo-poo my decision to drive a Volt because it still uses gasoline, I point out that I use ZERO gasoline for my daily commute, and for long trips I use HALF the gasoline as my previous ICE vehicle, and and ONE FIFTH the oil changes per year. Then I show them my projected annual savings on gasoline alone.

    If they further pan the car because the electricity used to charge it comes from non-renewable sources, I point out how large-scale electricity production is 3x more efficient than burning it locally in an ICE. As far as cost, I show them how the electricity I get from work is FREE and the electricity I get at home costs me HALF as much per mile as gasoline, based on my driving habits.

    If they mock the Volt because of the high MSRP, I describe how I bought a year-old, low-mile, untitled demo unit from a dealer at a depreciated price, and still got the $7500 federal tax credit plus state tax credit, bringing the actual price below that of their Camry. Then I take them for a ride, and by that time their tune usually changes.

    I agree that any step towards petroleum independence is a good thing, both politically and environmentally. Generating your own electricity locally using Solar or Wind is the wave of the future; I believe the tide is turning and cannot be stopped. The general public's attitude toward electric vehicles is rapidly changing, thanks in no small part to the incredible success of the Tesla Model S. I've always believed that the biggest hurdle in the way of paradigm shift is not necessarily the government but changing the attitudes of the masses. I believe that paradigm shift is underway and I'm happy to live in a time when I can witness it.

    Sorry, I didn't intend to be so long-winded! :P)
  • 1 Week Ago 09:10 PM
    I bought my 2007 Prius as a political statement as a green candidate and Obama supporter. However, I bought my 2013 Volt as much for the advanced technology and reduced footprint as an example to others to transition away from petroleum and move toward renewable energy.
  • 3 Weeks Ago 09:52 PM
    Tony Broadway
    Quote Originally Posted by sinnombre View Post
    Most people are . However , many of they still vote for Democraps because they don't know any better .
    Well, here is what I know: My wife and I made over 32k more last year than in 2009. I have been doing the same job with the same company for over 20 yrs, and my wife has been at her present job for over 10. In 2008, our company had its first ever layoff in its 37 year history. We currently have more people now than we did in 2008. My 401k regained everything it lost 2008 and then some.
  • 3 Weeks Ago 08:54 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Festisio View Post
    next it will be some transgendered baloney.. when we should be spending money to fix mental illness, it is instead coddled. I don't know what the world is coming to
    What the hell?
  • 3 Weeks Ago 08:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by sinnombre View Post
    Most people are . However , many of they still vote for Democraps because they don't know any better .
    I think the truth is that parties shift and people shift, but they stick with one party until they think some major issue moves them, when really it's a collection of stuff.

    There's also the problem of the lesser of two douchebags.
  • 07-06-2015 05:17 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by TeslaTrav View Post
    I am as far opposite of Dem as possible!
    Most people are . However , many of they still vote for Democraps because they don't know any better .
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