: Happy With Keyes!

Brian McG
12-31-2012, 07:41 PM
I just bought an incoming Volt from Keyes. Both Hovig Kojayan and Rick Alpern were extremely helpful. I showed up on the busiest day of the year and was treated very well. Total time there was about 2 hours including a thorough test drive/ explanation of features and going over purchase vs lease numbers. It would've been quicker had I been able to make up my mind!

Keyes is in the top 3 nationally with Volt sales for a reason. The placed was slammed with Volt buyers and it is because they know the cars and are willing to give great deals. Can't wait to get mine.

I also must thank the people on this forum for the great info. I believe reading this forum saved me money and would recommend mentioning the forum up front to Keyes. Do your own research but if time is money, save yourself some by talking to Rick.

For the record, I spoke to both Rydell and Keyes. Rydell would not go lower than 3k below sticker, period.

Black on Black leather, $2500 under invoice plus $2000 Ally money. I'm a happy camper.

01-02-2013, 01:05 PM

Thank you so much for your business and positive feedback. Today is the last day for this round of Volt deals. We have 7 left 3 on ground and 4 available to be papered and hopefully delivered soon like yours. I try to keep it simple 2500.00 back of invoice is a great deal. We would love to sell out. Anyone wishing to take advantage can always text me direct 818-231-1286.
Thank you again,
Here is the list
Blue Topaz pretty Loaded 44,120
2 Silver Topaz 41,225 Cloth plus safety one and two (hard to find equipped like this)
1 Silver Topaz with Leather
1 Black Medium Equipped
1 White Loaded
1 Silver medium equipped