: Creative programming challenge to create custom OBDII dashboards for the Volt

02-12-2012, 10:24 PM
I spent many hours this weekend exploring the various OBDII monitors that work with iPhone and settled on the Kiwi wifi device. While the Kiwi works with a number of iPhone apps, including Rev, FUZZYCar, Speedport, and PLX Logger, my research convinced me that DashCommand was the best choice.

DashCommand has dozens of custom iPhone dashboards, including a number for the Prius. Hereís a photo of one:


And hereís a link to the DashXL.net site where the Dashboards are displayed and can be downloaded:


Hereís the programmerís challenge:

Palmer Performance, the makers of DashCommand, sell all the necessary software tools for making custom iPhone dashboards for the Volt (none are available now). These tools include ScanXL Pro, Scan XL Std, PCMSCAN, and ScanXLô GM Enhanced Diagnostics Add-on. Even though the Volt is not a supported vehicle the GM Diagnostics have a set of Hybrid power train paramters that may read outputs from the Volt. So Iím thinking a talented programmer might be able to set up a number of dashboards for the Volt that will display key data regarding the battery, battery cooling, temperature, etc.

Do we have any takers? I donít know a thing about programming but I might spring for the software if a serious owner-programmer wants to take this on.

02-13-2012, 01:33 AM
Might want to read this


the volt specific registers information requires a license from GM according to the DashDaq threads